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Aotearoa is the home of Kiwi Jetboating thanks to the persistence of Bill Hamilton in perfecting the water jet and providing a new way to explore parts of back country New Zealand.

Jet Boat World celebrates the Making of a Kiwi Legend in displays of early jet boats, water jets and stories of the people who were part of its pioneering history.

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Jet Boat World is a hands-on journey through jet boating history, told like nowhere else in the world.


And it can be found in the very place where so much of the early development and experimental jet boating took place opposite Springfield Adventure Park at Woodstock Beach on the Waimakariri here in Canterbury, New Zealand.

Jet Boat World gratefully appreciates the generous support of The JBNZ Heritage Trust - an initiative of Jet Boating New Zealand. 

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Amongst all the stories inside Jet Boat World are many about the early jet boat expeditions around the world. One of the earliest and most daring was the famous Colorado Expedition in USA which saw the only successful traverse upstream through the Grand Canyon.


Joyce Hamilton's diary of this can be viewed here.

Colorado Uprun Diary - Joyce Hamilton.jp2
Joyce's Diary
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